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10 Years of Service to Classical Music and Dance

Gunadarshan 2019

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Incorporated on April 23 2008, Indo American Cultural Connect (IAC Connect) is a 501 (c3) non-profit, non-political and non-religious volunteer organization, whose mission is to promote Indian Classical Music and Dance by
* Organizing events and programs that increase awareness of the heritage and centrality of classical music and dance in Indian Culture;
* Developing and sustaining the talents of local and visiting artists performing classical music and dance;
* Partnering with other cultural organizations to promote Indian Classical music and dance;
* Supporting enhancement and expansion of educational opportunities in classical dance and music through workshops and presentations.

In 2008, a group of like-minded lovers of Indian classical art forms, volunteered to form the IAC Connect. The founding members included volunteers, artists and non-artists, sharing a love of classical music and dance and passionate about the need to preserve, promote rich cultural history of Indian classical music and dance to, and among the communities in which they lived. IAC Connect partners with several schools, and other community organizations to present the works of local and visiting talent.

Since its establishment IAC Connect has hosted many successful concerts, recitals and workshops. Each Year IAC Connect aims to bring in 4 events that focus on vocal, Instrumental, Dance or combinations of these dance forms. To promote local talents, "Guna Darshan" is held in which upcoming artists and students of many schools of the valley showcase their talent. Since the establishment of IAC Connect, each year we have hosted tremendously successful, "Guna Darshans."

IAC Connect funding sources are through grants, sponsorships and donations. For the past few years, we were the recipient of grants from National Endowment for the Arts and Arizona Commission on the Arts. We encourage all lovers of the classical art forms of dance and music to support and give generously to our efforts. Donations to the organization are tax-deductible.

IAC Connect is governed by a committee of 3 Executive Board members, and 4 Board Members.

Board Members:

 Chairman :  Vivek Gupta   (480) 734 0266

 Secretary:    K R Babu       (602) 768 3308

 Treasurer:   Manika Gupta (480) 320 9795

Board Members:

  Neelakshi Mohta    (510) 335 9004

  Vaibhavi Pradhan   (845) 642 2228

  Andrew Soller        (503) 754 5423

  Dennis Isbell          (602) 543 8508

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